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Explore the Mambobaby Lite

Introducing the Mambobaby Lite - a compact, portable, and budget-friendly baby swim float perfect for vacations and outings. Featuring a compressible folding design and upgraded safety with a 5-point buckle system and 40° angle for optimal balance, this float offers a secure and enjoyable experience. With an adjustable, comfortable fit and an adorable design, the Mambobaby Lite ensures fun in the water while prioritizing safety. 

Explore the Mambobaby Classic

Our Classic Edition is a timeless addition to the Mambobaby family. Made with skin-friendly 3D fabric, it boasts a UV-resistant canopy and a tail to prevent flipping. With affordable pricing and classic style, we've added three new designs this year: Watermelon, Orange, and Frog.

Explore the Mambobaby Deluxe

Introducing the Deluxe Series, a popular and spacious upgrade to the Mambobaby family! With larger dimensions and waterproof high-quality fabric, the Deluxe Series offers enhanced comfort and durability. Retaining the best elements of the Classic Edition, such as the UV-resistant canopy and anti-flip tail design, and incorporating the waterproof high-quality fabric, the Deluxe Series has become a top choice for families seeking exceptional performance and style.

Explore the Mambobaby Limited

Introducing the Limited Edition, an exclusive and luxurious addition to the Mambobaby family! Featuring unique visual designs, a new folding canopy, and handcrafted from a variety of composite materials, this edition offers a one-of-a-kind swimming experience for your baby. Combining the best elements of previous series with innovative features, the Limited Edition delivers unparalleled style, comfort, and functionality for families seeking an extraordinary baby swimming experience.

No.07 Airplane Global Limited

Introducing the Mambobaby NO.07 Airplane Global Limited Edition by - the ultimate baby swim float experience! Designed for children aged 3-48 months and featuring 3 versatile swimming modes, this float provides 360° full protection with an upgraded 5-point safety buckle system and a perfect 40° angle to maintain balance. The adjustable and comfortable fit grows with your child, while the exclusive upgraded sun protection offers a UPF 50+ removable sun canopy. Boasting an adorable and engaging airplane design, the Mambobaby NO.07 Airplane Global Limited Edition ensures joy and excitement during your little one's water playtime, all while prioritizing safety and comfort. 

Mambobaby Neck Floats

Introducing the Mambobaby Neck Float, a comfortable and supportive solution for your baby's early water experiences. Designed with soft materials to cradle your baby's neck, this float promotes natural swimming movements and helps build confidence in the water. With a secure adjustable strap for a snug fit, the Mambobaby Neck Float prioritizes safety while offering a fun and exciting introduction to water play. Remember, constant adult supervision is required at all times.

Mambobaby Arm/Shoulder Floats

Introducing the Mambobaby Arm Float and Shoulder Float, designed for your child's comfort and support during water adventures. The Arm Floats, made from soft materials, provide gentle support, while the Shoulder Float offers additional buoyancy for an upright position. These floats enhance confidence and independence in the water, but remember, they're not a substitute for swimming lessons or life vests. Constant adult supervision is required for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

Other Mambobaby

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