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Mambobaby’s 2024 Product Line-Up : Colorful Diversity 12 New Baby Floats

As we step into 2024, Mambobaby is thrilled to unveil a spectacular new range of baby swimming floats. Renowned for our commitment to safety and style, this year’s collection is no exception. Each product in this line-up is designed with your baby's comfort and security in mind, ensuring fun and relaxed swim time for your little one.

Mambobaby Float Rainbow

Dive into a world of color with the Mambobaby Float Rainbow! This vibrant float is perfect for introducing your baby to the joys of water, with its eye-catching colors and secure design.

Mambobaby Float Candy

Sweeten your baby’s swim experience with the Mambobaby Float Candy. Its delightful design is as charming as it is safe, making it a favorite for both parents and babies.

Mambobaby Float Pineapple

Bring a tropical twist to your baby's swim sessions with the Mambobaby Float Pineapple. This float’s fun and fruity design are sure to make a splash!

Mambobaby Float Pumpkin

The Mambobaby Float Pumpkin is perfect for little ones who love a bit of adventure. Its playful design and sturdy build offer a safe and enjoyable swim experience.

Mambobaby Float Dragon Fruit

Experience a unique blend of style and safety with the Mambobaby Float Dragon Fruit. Its exotic look is perfect for trend-setting babies ready to explore the waters.

Mambobaby Float Icecream

Indulge in some fun with the Mambobaby Float Icecream, available in delightful yellow and purple. This float is as delightful to look at as it is to lounge in.

Mambobaby Float Crocodiles

Adventure awaits with the Mambobaby Float Crocodiles. Its playful design encourages imaginative play, all while ensuring safety during swim time.

Mambobaby Float Puppy Brown

Cute and cozy, the Mambobaby Float Puppy Brown is perfect for little animal lovers. Its adorable design brings joy and comfort to every swim.

Mambobaby Float Earth

Inspire a love for our planet with the Mambobaby Float Earth Blue. This float combines educational elements with a safe and comfortable design.

Mambobaby Float Pizza Orange

Make swim time deliciously fun with the Mambobaby Float Pizza Orange. Its unique design is sure to be a hit with both babies and parents alike.

Mambobaby Float Astronauts

Blast off to an aquatic adventure with the Mambobaby Float Astronauts Blue. This space-themed float is perfect for young explorers.

Mambobaby Float Angel

Experience heavenly comfort with the Mambobaby Float Angel. Its serene design and top-notch safety features make it a divine choice for your baby.

Currently, these exciting new products are exclusively available in the United States, with other regions expecting availability in 2-4 weeks. Designed for babies aged 3-24 months, these floats offer both fun and function.

Our Mambobaby Floats are now fully waterproof with enhanced safety features, marking a new generation in swim training for babies. The non-inflatable swimming ring design eliminates the risk of air leaks and breakage, ensuring there's no danger of drowning due to air deflation. This makes Mambobaby the perfect, worry-free choice for your baby's aquatic adventures.

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